A Wedding at Peckforton Castle | Sarah & James


Sarah & James got in touch last year to ask me to photograph their Peckforton Castle wedding in Crewe. Their service was held at St Anne’s Church in Nantwich before we headed up to Peckforton Castle for the wedding reception. A Peckforton Castle Wedding is always going to be special. Each room and the outside adds a special look and feel to all the photographs, often making them each seem epic with the impactful lighting, backdrops and room features.

Although Peckforton was the crown jewel of the day I felt a more emotional impact from the family church. St Anne’s Church in Nantwich is a small bright Roman Catholic church nestled next to the train station. James & Sarah attend this church with their family and were keen to keep a nice intimate vibe to their day.  The Priest leading the service exclaimed how he doesn’t do many weddings and it had in fact been some time since his last. He did not disappoint and kept a lovely humorous edge to the seriousness of the proceedings. Love after all is partially serious but I believe it’s more about joy and happiness than the serious undertones.

Myself and a second shooter shot this day as the preparation for the morning of the wedding was super important to Sarah and James. Whilst I was at Peckforton photographing Sarah, Laura my second was over at James’ photographing him and a pile of dogs! Second shooters aren’t always necessary but it does ease pressure on the photographer and add an extra dynamic to photographs. For example whilst I’m shooting my couples portraits, Laura can move freely around capturing off guard portraits. Almost continually doing the opposite of each other ensures we get a double angle on most situations.

Just a word of warning. If you see me on the new popular social network musical.ly doing a “dance routine” with a flower girl at Peckforton Castle then I apologise for my dance moves. It was a little hard to bust it out in the boiling sun in front of all the guests!


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