Sandhole Oak Barn Wedding Photography | Sophie & Alex

Sophie & Alex got in touch last year through two recommendations for their Sandhole Oak Barn wedding. There is absolutely no better way to get a wedding enquiry through a strong recommendation. Tamsin from one of my recent weddings was one of my recommenders.

Back in a previous life I used to drive by Astbury church all the time and always thought I’d love to shoot here. Luckily I got an awesome couple to book with me and they made my dream a reality. I’m not a religious person but there can still be something quite atmospheric and powerful about a building. This was also my first time shooting a Sandhole Oak Barn wedding which as expected was beautiful and fully delivered on it’s end of the bargain.

Right from the start of the day I felt a huge family connection to the day. All of Sophie’s family had important roles in the day, her sister was her bridesmaid/ maid of honour, her other sister her flower girl, her mother gave her away, her brother was bridesman/man of honour and her younger brother was the ring bearer. Then it was the exact same on Alex’s side as he selected not one, not two but all of his three brothers as his best men. I felt right at home with both of these families and it became a little uncanny when Alex described how he’d suffered a coal shovel attack by one of the brothers during their younger years, which was something which also happened to me. Bizarre.

I never really used to get rain, like ever. I was the lucky sun charm for so long. My last 3 of 4 weddings though have rained at some point during the day. Rather than cower in the corner and cry myself in to a nervous slumber I’ve grown to love it. It makes you work in weird and wonderful ways. Pushing your thinking to the edge and harnessing all the time which does become available to it’s fullest.


Multiple Weddings at Sandhole Oak Barn

Living just down the road from Sandhole Oak Barn is awesome. It also means I’m often contacted when couples are searching for a local wedding photographer. This beautiful oak-framed barn and countryside setting are the perfect setting for any wedding and I’ve been lucky to return multiple times over the years.

My style of wedding photography is built on a great relationship with my couples. All of my weddings are different and unique; even those at the same venue like Sandhole Oak Barn. Time on your wedding day is really important to me as I’m sure it is to you too. So if I can help it I don’t really want you to miss a thing and would love you to remember as much as possible. This caring and relaxed approach to my wedding photography is the reason why so many couples recommend me. They always say it feels like a friend is taking their photographs and not a photographer.

This Sandhole Oak Barn Couple’s Kind Words

“He was fully immersed, not intrusive in the slightest and took the time to speak to guests showing he was human and not a ‘trigger happy snapper’.”

Planning your special day at Sandhole Oak Barn?

Whether you’re having your wedding at Sandhole Oak Barn or miles away, I’d love to hear about your plans and your dreams for your day. So why not give me a shout?