Instagram Wedding Photography Workshop

Unleash The Potential In Your Followers

I didn’t really know how good I was at Instagram until others started telling me I was and asking for training. I’m no influencer; my measly 2,000+ followers may make you think I don’t really know a lot but I assure you your Instagram follower count is a reflection of nothing and you can harness even the smallest amount of followers into an army of loyal advocates for your brand who will buy, refer and look after you.

It’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel with Instagram. My knowledge and mentoring have helped so many people find direction with their Instagram profile pages and really given them a focus where they originally had none. It’s also allowed others who had a really great foundation to push on to the next level.

Not Just Another Workshop

This is not just another Instagram Workshop for Wedding Photographers where the answers for everyone are x, y and z. My aim is to build an understanding and environment around Instagram where you can find your own path and something that works for you. No one path is right for all.

Home Truth

Using Instagram to just post your latest wedding photography is no longer enough to bring in work.
You need to have a long term plan and strategy.

By talking you through my long term goals and how I use every feature to maximise my chances of achieving these. The hope is I can help you understand what your long term goals may be from continuing to use Instagram.


Introducing… InstagrAdam

So What is InstagrAdam?

It’s a 3-4 hour workshop which aims to build a much greater understanding of how you can utilise the organic capacity of Instagram for your Wedding Photography business. We will not enter any paid for marketing approaches.

It’s a 2 way conversation and questions throughout are expected. The huge time slot allows us to really explore each feature and answer all your questions so you leave with a complete understanding.


What Else Will I Get From InstagrAdam?

Other than an incredible understanding for how to better utilise Instagram you’ll also get…

  • Simple PSD Template Pack – Featuring templates for creating Stories, thumbnails for Reels, Merged Carousels and Highlight Icons.
  • Private Instagram Group – You’ll be granted admission to my private group on Instagram where I explain what I do whilst providing ongoing support along with talking about new features/tactics.
  • Close Friends List – You’ll be added to my Close Friends Instagram list so you can see what I’m talking about behind closed doors.
  • My Absolute Gratitude – I don’t do this for the money. It does pay but I more so do it for the fun and the enjoyment of being a part of a positive photography education community.


Below prices displayed in GBP.

Solo Workshop | 495

Some people aren’t fond of the crowds and the 1-2-1 environment suits them much better. I can also spin the advice more towards your own Instagram page so everything is crystal clear for you. You can book a Solo Workshop by dropping me a DM on Instagram or emailing me at .


Group Workshop | 200

The group workshops take a lot of forward planning and only happen in my down time months when I can fit them in. There’s usually a maximum of 10 places per group workshops so be sure to jump on them fast when they come. You can register interest for the group workshop below.


Top Up | 100

Charged per hour; these top up sessions are mainly for those looking to garner a bit more time with me to discuss workshop topics or strategy. These can be whatever you want them to be. Questions and answers, recap or a critique of your profile maybe?

InstagrAdam Attendee Reviews

“I recently had the amazing opportunity to attend an online Instagram workshop with the talented Adam Lowndes and I can honestly say, I came away with so much new knowledge and understanding of the platform to help my business in the future. Adam provided us with so much golden information of the different parts of Instagram including how to use stories and reels effectively, best use of hashtags, feed layout along with providing some fantastic templates. The learning was delivered with the just the right pace and tone with plenty of opportunity for Q and A all taught with creative flair. Plus the support after if we had any questions has been fantastic. Thanks very much Adam for such an informative and valuable workshop, for any photographers looking to improve their Instagram game, I couldn’t recommend Adam enough, by far the best in the game!”

Alex Buckland Photography


“Can’t recommend this more!
It’s a great insight to how Adam runs most of his business through Instagram in his own unique way. I left the workshop learning new ways to connect with potential clients and have so far had a 100% success rate booking new Instagram followers thanks to Adam. I can’t mirror what Adam does and don’t expect to, but if you feel a little shy or lost when it comes to social media, Adam gives you a brand new insight that takes the pressure off. Adam also has a chat group where he makes himself available almost instantly after the course and sends updates when he’s learnt something new which is worth every penny! Adam went above and beyond and I couldn’t happier or more proud with how passionate he is on helping others…plus he’s an absolute gem.”

Michael White Photography

“After booking a 1-2-1 Instagram course with Adam, I feel I now have so much more confidence moving forward with this platform. As a Facebook user for many years I was noticing that recently, I was getting more and more interest through Instagram, but this platform for me was something of an enigma! After spending a few hours with Adam, he has given me so many new ways and ideas to connect with people. Going through Reels and Stories in so much detail and making me realise it’s a lot easier than I thought! Once you get into a routine I imagine it will get faster to do them! Being a very hypocritical photographer who hates being in front of the camera (I hate my voice on videos), Adam has shown me some great tips to make Reels without feeling awkward! Since doing the session, I have put into place some of the tips Adam has given me in regards to contacting clients and so far I have some new leads to go with which is fantastic! Adam also took the time to give a me a critique on my own Instagram page and tips going forward how to make it better and after just one post I have noticed better engagement with my followers. There is also a great supportive group after the course which is perfect for any questions you have and Adam is very involved and active in this group – he doesn’t just do the course with you then leave you to it! He gives full support to any questions you have afterwards, which I had many as my mind was blown during the session! Thank you Adam for your support and openness on how I can improve my Instagram game. His passion for helping others is wonderful! If you need help working out this very complex platform and using it to it’s best advantages for your business – Adam is your guy!”

Clara Lou Photography


“You think you know all you can about Instagram, then you do Adam’s course and you realise that you actually don’t know that much at all! His fast talking, enthusiastic approach keeps you engaged and entertained in equal measures. His complete openness in sharing the failures plus the successes makes for great learning. Thank you Adam, you’ve left me with a lot of new ideas to implement, super excited to get going.”

Denise Winter Photography