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"On the day itself, he was the first person there, getting snaps of guests walking into the venue (he was also practically the last person to leave)."

We hired Adam to photograph our summer wedding, off the back of a recommendation from a friend. There is a lot of choice when it comes to photographers so the most important things for us initially, were the cost and how well we connected with him. I think everyone would agree your wedding photographs are one of the most crucial elements of the whole day, as after you’ve spent all that money and the day / honeymoon is over, the photographs are what you’re left with, so it’s a huge responsibility and from the moment we first spoke to Adam we were 100% sure he was the right guy for us.

Firstly, he is really friendly and easy to talk to. He made us feel really comfortable, which bearing in mind we were doing it as a Skype call, is not always easy. I should point out Adam did offer to meet us in person, but we don’t live locally so we decided to speak over Skype. He explained exactly what he would normally do on the day, made plenty of notes of our requests and answered any questions we had. We just had a good vibe from him and thought the pricing was very competitive so we decided to book. We had another chat nearer the wedding day, just to make sure we were both happy about the plan, so come the big day there were no surprises.

On the day itself, he was the first person there, getting snaps of guests walking into the venue (he was also practically the last person to leave). We spoke a few times throughout the day and he was great at shepherding both us and family / friends when required, to get all the shots you’d expect to see. He also somehow managed to grab just the two of us for some special shots at different times throughout the day – no easy feat when you have 150 people wanting to chat to you.

I honestly cant think of any criticisms at all, the only thing that we personally would change if we were to do it all over again, is to request a few more shots of guests looking directly into the camera (I don’t mean the main family shots, but just random guests etc.), so if you want more of the ‘staged’ shots, just make sure you mention it, as nothing is too much trouble, if you have any special requests or preferences.

Overall I loved how natural Adam was with all of the guests, he is a really likeable guy and great at cracking jokes at exactly the right time. We also had a language barrier with a few of the guests at the wedding, in that they didn’t speak a lot of English, so huge credit to him there.

In all honesty, it was probably the best value for money of any service we booked for our wedding day – I am really pleased we went with our gut instinct and decided to book Adam and will 100% recommend him to anyone looking at hiring a photographer in future.

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