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A Beaconside House Wedding | Jadie & Dean

A Dress Change, Custom Suits and Smoke Bombs at a Beaconside House Wedding

In early 2018 I got a message from a bride with a clear vision of how her Beaconside House wedding was going to look. I love getting wrapped up in other peoples visions for their day and Jadie could really paint a picture. It didn’t take long for her to confirm with me and I was delighted to be on board for this day.

When I arrived Jadie was having her make up done by the talented Katherine Shaw I love capturing the prep on a wedding day. I also love making this very normal time of the day seem extra special by framing things a little differently. Very often I’ll shoot through objects which are around. It just so happened as I was working around Katherine she dipped her head to the side and I shot a close up of Jadie’s eye make up through Katherine’s hair giving it a great draw to the focal point by inadvertently isolating her eye. Happy accidents are my favourite.

Dean and his groomsmen wore awesome Moss Brothers custom order suits. These double breasted suits were incredible. The quality of them up close was something else and they also photographed really well with a great draw to the stripes.

Jorden Lindsay kept us entertained all day with some great mixes on classic current and old popular songs.

Jadie changed her Justin Alexander dress to something a little more relaxed in the evening and I just had to grab a few more shots before I went. Mix in their choice of black enola gaye smoke bombs and the sun finally poking through the sky to create some lovely portraits.

A Beaconside House Wedding Day Slideshow

Being a Beaconside House Wedding Photographer

The great thing about Beaconside House is it’s a wedding venue which also comes with a pile of accommodation so your guests don’t have far to retire to on the evening of your day. With a pool, a games room and other communal areas it makes a great space to take 5 away from the main barn wedding before hitting it again.

I also loved this extra space as after the meal I went for a wander and found some great ideas for shots in the most unlikely places. The hallway for the main house was grand and I shot the mirror photograph on the staircase and the doorway photograph from the staircase looking back towards the door. This main house mixed with the grounds and the barn is what make it so great to be a Beaconside House wedding photographer. An abundance of choice and ideas which can be born from the surroundings.

Traveling to Devon for a Wedding

I am primarily a Staffordshire wedding photographer but this doesn’t stop me at all from wanting to spread my wings to places a little further a field. This wedding at Beaconside House, Bideford, Devon is a whopping four and half hours drive from my home in Stoke-on-Trent but when Jadie got in touch I couldn’t say no as the day looked so great.

I don’t actually charge for travel or accommodation as I love this part of my job. I’d also never take a job which would be detrimental to the rest of my work so my couples closer afield have nothing to worry about here. I originally planned to stay two nights in Devon for this wedding but

Planning a Beaconside House wedding?

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