A Wedding at Haigh Hall Hotel | Rachel & Andrew

Rachel and Andrew got in touch last year to look for someone to cover their Haigh Hall Wedding in Wigan. With two young children in their lives they sure did have their hands full but still managed to plan a spectacular wedding. This stuff is hard and I sometimes hear brides describe it as a full time job. I don’t know how these two did it but it was a spectacular day at Haigh Hall which I loved being a part of.

Having not met either of them before it was great to turn up on the day and instantly hit it off just like we’d done over messages and phone calls through out the planning. A great connection with your photographer is super important and I’m so happy these guys chose myself to cover their day as we had a great time together. Not only did we get on super well but all of their family and friends were super inviting and looked after me all day, even if they did crack the occasional Peter Crouch joke in reference to my height…

The day was full of a lot of emotion and I feel the photographs really hold this emotion within them. Haigh Hall was a stunning backdrop for all of my photographs and with the help of Kelly Louise Floral Artistry it sure did look even better than stunning, if that’s even possible.


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