A Heaton House Farm Wedding Photography | Lauren & Nathan


High Winds at Heaton House Farm

Lauren & Nathan worked tirelessly to bring their brilliant summer wedding to Heaton House Farm. As I photograph all over the UK I often have gaps in my portfolio from local venues and then just like buses 5 come at once. Once Nathan and Lauren had booked my first wedding ever at Heaton House Farm another few enquiries and bookings came straight in which was grand. It was lovely after so many years in the game to get down to this venue and see it for myself.

With a refurb to the Heaton House Farm “getting ready room” it was looking pretty awesome for my first stop of the day. Getting creative with the giant marble side board and the huge patio doors was the name of the game to start off.

Lauren and Nathan had originally taken to the idea of having an outdoor ceremony at Heaton House Farm. With the high winds swooping past the venue in the morning it was probably the best thing it didn’t happen else I think would have been blown away.

Nathan’s boy was given a bike during the reception speeches which we then went on to ride around the lawn at Heaton House. I made a joke to see if he could run me over so I could get a great front on shot. I still think he was actually trying to run me over. With him only having learnt to ride recently it was a lovely father son moment for me to capture.

After the wedding breakfast calmed we had the most beautiful Summer evening outdoors taking full advantage with even more photographs.

Planning a wedding at Heaton House Farm?

I photograph weddings all over the UK. So wherever you are, give me a shout.


Being a Heaton House Farm Wedding Photographer

Having a fantastic venue to work with is always super important. Nicola from Heaton House Farm reached out to me early and gave me the low down of how they worked and if I had any questions then I could ask her.

As well as a great day planner I also had complimentary drinks for being a supplier and got a great meal courtesy of Lauren and Nathan. All of this together is so important to my wellbeing on the day. I’ll give all of myself to your day so supplying me with a meal in the day is really helpful as it’s one less thing I have to worry about. I can then be close by just incase anything happens at the drop of a hat.


Knowing Me Adam, Knowing You Everyone

Lauren & Nathan got in touch in 2017 to get their summer holiday Heaton House Farm wedding photography booked in. Nathan is another fellow pupil I had the honour of sharing my formative years with. We actually hadn’t seen each other since high school when we met for coffee to discuss his and Lauren’s Heaton House Farm wedding day. You know when you haven’t seen a person in years and you just seem to pick right back up from where you left off? Seeing Nathan again after 10 years had passed since high school was just like that.

Just recently I sent a referral over to another photographer friend as I was booked. I included the all to regular line “I know them, they’re an awesome couple”. He then said “you know everyone!” Followed by a chuckle. Although partially untrue, I don’t actually know everyone, I just make a habit of leaving every door open. People are the fuel to my business and my life, pushing whatever passion I’m behind forward. The more people pushing, the further I will go and I’m incredibly thankful for all the love my business has behind it. As my dad once said, “you never know when you’re going to run into a person again so bare it in mind”. If we’re actually just talking base layer then what does kindness actually cost anyway? Nothing!

The world can always do with a little more heart.