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Keele Hall Engagement Shoot | Katie & Mark

This year on the 12th of March, I attended a Keele Hall Engagement Shoot. Katie & Mark have booked me for their wedding next year at The Heath House. They then expressed interest in having an engagement shoot at Keele Hall so they could send some custom “Save the Dates” out. I described how it was important to choose a location that means something to you which is why Keele Hall was chosen as they both attended University here.

We were blessed with some fantastic weather while the clouds parted for the only two hours of the day. Keele Hall is such a fantastic venue outside as it has loads of different areas where you can go and take photographs. I would say that when it comes round to the couples shots on the wedding day, then neither of them will be scared, nervous or confused on what to do. In fact you could say they are seasoned professionals in the art of cracking a great pose. As always I provided minimal instruction on how to stand, just basics which don’t make you stand like a disturbed robot.

I would strongly recommend having an engagement shoot if you are nervous about the photographs on the day. Some people look at it as another time where they will have to pose unnecessarily for photographs but it can easily be considered a draft run for your real day.

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