Roaches Engagement Shoot | Olivia & Tom

Olivia & Tom got in touch this year to find a photographer to capture their Pendrell Hall wedding in July 2020. After several emails and a Skype chat we were all in and I was excited to be on board. At the time of booking they really wanted to give the whole photograph side a test run before the big day so we planned in a Roaches engagement shoot.

I tend to like photographing at either end of the day. The suns is at it’s lowest point, the tones and shadows are different and it’s a little exciting as things change minute by minute. After deciding they’d rather do a morning I mentioned why don’t we do a sunrise shoot for something truly special. With Olivia & Tom both being a really outdoorsy couple we thought it only fitting to echo this within their shoot.

Upon getting up super early we all met at the Roaches at 7:15am just outside of Leek in Gradbach. The forecast had been a little up and down for the morning but we were well and truly fogged out on arrival. We decided to ascend anyway as it would take at least 20-30 minutes to get to the best vantage point. Once at the top it was clear we weren’t going to get anything so we decided we should try a little lower down.

Having not really photographed in such intense fog before I was unsure what to expect and didn’t want the sky to look infinite and bleak like it does on a completely overcast day. I was super pleased with the results and we managed to get some very unique stuff.

Having thought the day had been a bit of a bust at the time I suggested we call it a day get a coffee and stop off somewhere on the way home. On our walk back down it was like someone drew back the curtains of the fog as it almost completely disappeared and the sun burned through. We took a couple towards the bottom and then this was enough to give me the itch. I suggested we go back up even though we were well over our allotted time. You don’t get many chances to photograph these moments and it means the world to me we get photographs which are some of my best work and show my couples love in all it’s light. Metaphorically and literally.

Olivia and Tom were such an awesome couple and I’m so excited for their wedding day now. Not long to wait! Well… it sort of is a little long but definitely something which I will look forward to until the day.


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