Miles Away In Malta

ReStretching our Abroad Traveling Shoes

I’m a fairly recent convert of holidays in England. They’re less travel, less faff and I just love this country way more than I used to. As a boy I could never wait to get shot of this island. Now I couldn’t think of anything worse than leaving for good. Everything I hold dear is here, family, friends, history, past times, the music scene and most importantly all the food I love.

Ever since Cera got ill though we had to cancel our holidays abroad including a pre-planning family holiday to Zanzibar which got replanned to the Brecon Beacons. Time spent wandering the British isles has increased my love for this silly little place but we’ve also been missing a bit of foreign culture and some vitamin D.

Let’s be honest I had very little to offer in the way of booking holiday support. The time I could have helped I missed the boat then persisted to be photographing weddings since then. So yes Cera planned almost all of this trip and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Apologies for not taking an abundance of photographs. I recently cleared out my hard-drives and found ‘those tourist photographs’ we all take meant nothing to me so I tried my hardest to take different holiday photographs which I’d enjoy a little more than most.

Many Maltese Monoliths Make Adam a Dull Boy

With October half term in between a friends wedding and Joanne & James’ being the only time we could go away we were left struggling to find somewhere fairly close which reached temperatures over 20 degrees.

Cera in her travel researching found out Malta had some great average temperatures at the time we wanted to go so it was decided there and then. Travelling from a rainy Manchester we arrived in a warm Malta with temperatures equivalent to those in a good English Summertime. Grabbing our car and checking into our Air B&B it soon became apparent we’d missed the season for swimming in the sea (something we love) and the storms planned would right off any hope of this.

Following our awesome host we plotted some none beach based days for the rain. Checking out a gilded Cathedral, Game of Thrones set locations, old hospitals with architecture to impress any onlooker and temples constructed 1000s of years pre Stone Henge. Following the second day of this though we were all templed out.

Praying for some aspect of our relaxing holiday dream to come true we went to sleep to only be awoken to warm days and lots of sea swimming at Popeye’s Village, The Blue Lagoon on Comino and a gorgeous red sand beach called Ramla Bay in Gozo.

We usually do a bit of history and a bit relaxation to even the holiday out. This time we had a holiday of two halves. Each half being as equally tiring as the other for different reasons.

“The Fries are Vegetarian”

Now I don’t want this blog to turn into a meat bashing blog so please don’t take it this way. You know that joke?

“How do you know a person is a Vegan… They tell you they are”.

Yeah well I’m going to now tell you I’m a vegetarian and only have been since last October. I grew up eating meat and had a couple of bouts of trying vegetarianism whilst also acting as a flexitarian for a long time. My decisions to change are entirely based on my personal environmental and  animal rights views. I’m fully aware I can’t fully tackle my views around animal rights without becoming vegan but the change to vegetarian was so huge for my body that I’ve had to take things slow. Well will I be vegan? I don’t know this as of yet. So that’s the background for you.

With Cera’s health only just returning to a stable situation for long term travel to be safe this is the first time I’ve had chance to see the vegetarian offering abroad and boy was it bleak. I have to say I was completely oblivious it was so difficult to get a decent meal. After a huge day and feeling sweaty and disgusting I even tried to get a McDonalds where the only vegetarian option was fries I was told by the ‘I don’t give two’ employee. Bizarre!

As a person who loves to travel this was such a blow to my journey. If you too are vegetarian or vegan and have any advice or words of wisdom I’d love to hear it.

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