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Mwnt Engagement Shoot | Octavia & Tom

This year has had a few false starts due to weather. During the quieter months which start the year I often shoot engagements first. I’ve had a couple of shoots be called off due to the weather. It’s been a rickety old affair this UK weather but I can’t say I’m surprised. It’s left me in utter suspense for my first shoot, I’ve been almost climbing the walls in anticipation for my first shoot. In the end there was no better way to start than to do something close to my heart, a Mwnt engagement shoot for my brother and his fiancé.

Now if you don’t know what or where Mwnt is then I recommend you add a visit at sunset to your bucket list. In short it’s a small bay on the West coast of Wales between Aberystwyth and Cardigan. It’s famous for being able to see dolphins and seals playing in the water. With it’s harsh rock formations, proud mount, small chapel and flawless beach it’s definitely a feast your eyes. I first discovered Mwnt last year whilst away in the area. My sister dropped me a text and recommended a visit. Fast forward to this year and we’d already planned a family holiday in the area before my brother proposed to his now fiancé on New Years day. Within a couple of days I’d already got visions of a Mwnt engagement shoot in my head for when we’d planned to go away.

When we go away as a family it’s super relaxed so we hadn’t really planned a date to do the shoot. It was only earlier on this day when visiting another awesome beach, Poppit Sands that we thought it would be a good idea to do it the same day. After a quick tutorial at Poppit Sands we drove back to the house then headed straight for Mwnt. in true Adam form I started the shoot by shooting as wide as possible moving closer and closer until comfortable.

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