A Wedding at Bellavista in Rochdale | Chelsa & Chris

An Awesome Party Wedding in Rochdale

I first met Chelsa & Chris in early 2018 when they were planning their Rochdale wedding. Currently located in Derbyshire due to work commitments it was a return back home to Rochdale for their wedding in early May 2019. We met on a very classically dismal rainy February winters day. Despite the weather we were all super energetic about the wedding and it wasn’t long until they asked me to be their Rochdale wedding photographer.

I knew Chelsa & Chris’ wedding day in Rochdale at the Bellavista was going to be something else but I don’t think I was quite ready for what was about to unfold. I arrived at her mother’s spotless home in the morning and I had a great time using all the furniture and the ornaments in the photographs to create some photographs which were really tied to their surroundings. Finding somewhere to hang Chelsa’s Valentino Rockstud shoes and also photograph the final details of her in her Enzoani dress. I always love getting ready shots at home, don’t get me wrong hotels always bring their own share of awesomeness but they can’t have the personality and connection to a home has. 

Once ready we headed up to the lovely Bellavista Restaurant perched high on the outskirts of Rochdale with views to die for. I photographed my first Italian restaurant wedding last year and it was a huge success. This Rochdale wedding venue didn’t falter at all and delivered an incredible day.

Guests Make Any Wedding

As I always say the guests at a wedding can make or break the day and this Rochdale wedding was no different. Chelsa and Chris’ guests sure did help make their day a great one and they were up for the party right from the start. This provided several moments of hilarity from the “down your pint” rubber ducky from the stag do which kept appearing and reappearing during the evening. Then also the joy and jubilation to get the trophy Chris’ football team had won the day before  into as many situations as possible.

As I left for the day I missed it already. The characters, the great organised venue, the family but most of all Chelsa & Chris who from the first meeting just seemed to understand everything I was trying to create and had complete belief in me from day one to deliver some incredible Rochdale wedding photography. This is why so many of my wedding couples are so different, I put such importance on the connection over photographs. First and foremost we need to have the grounding for a great relationship and a joint understanding of what we’re trying to create. Chelsa & Chris were always backing my personality and my work and I couldn’t have asked for more.

Planning a Rochdale wedding?

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Planning and Organising a Wedding in Rochdale

Planning and organising a wedding in Rochdale or anywhere in the UK can be a problematic experience and sometimes take on a job like feeling for anyone. Chelsa and Chris made great decisions for their day and one of them was choosing Bellavista as their wedding venue. With their own private dedicated team for weddings it really does make the day flow super smoothly.

Another great decision they made was to get Rumour Entertainment in to dress the venue. Obviously venue dressers cost money but when you have to change a room around midway through the day and you want a little bit of extra decoration it makes sense to get someone else in else you’ll be doing it yourself instead of enjoying your day to it’s fullest. Both of these decisions made this Rochdale wedding run so much smoother than it would of done without them.

A Rochdale Wedding Venue

Situated in the countryside on the outskirts this wedding venue has amazing views which makes being a Rochdale wedding photographer very easy. With it’s own dedicated function suit on the back of their two restaurants it has all the infrastructure ready to suit any small-medium wedding day.

With it’s own well kept gardens it’s perfect to slip out and get some more personal wedding portraits together on your day. This was my first time shooting here and my first time photographing a wedding in Rochdale. These gardens and the black canvas interior really made it easy to capture some fantastic photographs for Chelsa & Chris.

Owned by the Sergio Stefanuto, Bellavista is a part of a 4 piece Italian restaurant portfolio. Originally starting in Manchester City Centre in 1971 with the opening of San Rocco it didn’t take long to bring great Italian cuisine to more areas.