A Wedding at Slater’s Country Inn | Naomi & Shaun

Rain Rain Go Away From Slater’s Country Inn

When I met with Naomi & Shaun to discuss their Slater’s Country Inn wedding planned for mid August I don’t think any of us had any idea how much rain we were in for! This was sure a downpour to rock the ages but we didn’t let it wreck our day and powered through with so much grace.

This Slater’s Country Inn wedding had me on my thinking toes all day! Sometimes I can just role with it and wait for the gap in the weather but it was clear from an early stage I wouldn’t be getting any of this time. Instead we had to get our game plan together big time! On days like this I’ll come up with all the ideas of how we’re still going to get stunning photographs and you just usually have to pick what you like the most. It’s that easy!

Meeting at Naomi’s parents home I had so much going on as the hair and make up was in full swing but also at the same time the kids were all hyped on the wedding vibes giving me some great material to work with. As I’ve said before, if I can get the kids on side and get some great shots of them then we’ll have an awesome collection. After photographing Naomi’s incredible hair I made my way to the Sneyd Arms to meet Shaun and his gang.

Fearful of another downpour I grabbed the boys for a quick car park shoot against a very timeless brick wall. Often when doing group shots there is a few things to think about. You want a solid back drop which isn’t too distracting and also you want it close so you don’t have to move your crew too far away from their beer.

Slaters Country Inn Wedding Day Slideshow

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No Photographs Allowed in the Wedding Service

Upon arriving at the Keele church I met a lovely Vicar and an even more lovely church. It was such a lovely building which I was super grateful for as we may have to do photographs in it afterwards to stay out of the downpour. The vicar then went on to tell me there would be no photographs in the service. Unable to extrapolate the full understanding on this decision I spoke with Shaun who had no idea this was the case. So on one side we have a couple who expected photographs in the church and a vicar saying it doesn’t happen. Minutes away from the big moment I’ve to make a decision. So I take the decision to sit right at the back on the almost last pew and take just a few during hymns and the ring exchange. Camera set to quiet and sat far enough away to not distract I deliver some stunning photographs for the couple.

The strangest thing happened though. The vicar had pre-warned me about this moment. He said I will announced the kiss and at this point you should be near by to be first in line to capture it as I invite everyone forward to turn their phones and cameras back on to capture this moment. Confused at this bizarre choice I rolled with it and requested he do it then invite everyone forward afterwards. I could have easily made my way to the front of the church and caught a great photo just steps away in a pre-arranged fashion but that’s not really real life is it. I love the aisle perspective where Naomi and Shaun can just be them. To be honest it’s always going to look better than anything staged up at the top. What a strange contrast to the no photographs rule.

I don’t mind the no photography rule as I did it at my brother’s wedding but when the couple have no idea it’s hardly fair as in this day in age it’s kind of an expected thing.


Being a Slater’s Country Inn Wedding Photographer

Following the church service we shot off for the fastest mini shoot ever at Maer before heading to everyone else at Slater’s Country Inn. Maer was once the home of famous potter Josiah Wedgewood and he once watched his own daughter marry a one Charles Darwin in the village church. Cool ay!

Once at Slater’s Country Inn I improvised and used the wedding chapel they had as an almost mini photo studio to get through the remaining group shots before they sat for wedding breakfast.

Later on that night just before I left Naomi and Shaun had their own creation of their first dance under the pagoda in the Slater’s Country Inn garden. Who says you can’t have awesome photographs when it rains!