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A Blencowe Hall Wedding | Katie & James

An Intimate Wedding at Blencowe Hall

When one of your best friends asks you to photograph their wedding it always produces a decision which is hard to make. Do I want to be part of the day in the form of a guest (should I be so lucky to grab an invite) or do I want to be the one helping craft the memories they’ll hold dear?

When James & Katie asked me if I would photograph their Blencowe wedding it was definitely a decision which was tough. In the end I agreed to photograph it as it was set to be such an intimate day and having a friend behind the photographs would align with how they wanted their day to be. Plus with everyone else at the wedding such a close family friend it wouldn’t make sense to have a random person in the background all the day.

How the Day Unfolded

Inviting guests to stay the whole weekend it really was just a big family and friends holiday where Katie & James just happened to be getting married.

With the civil ceremony at 15:30 it was a day of two halves. The first being a super chilled out and relaxed morning come early afternoon. then we went on to the second half of tears, laughter and activity after activity. This definitely aligned with the Blencowe Hall wedding Katie & James were after.

Once the registrars arrived it was such a lovely bizarre scenario where they were welcomed in almost like they were being welcomed into someone’s family home. Within seconds they had cake and a cup of tea in their hands from family members helping out. Katie had friends help with make up and her hair done by The Hair Loft before quickly slipping into her Bridal Lounge wedding dress then we were away!

My favourite moment of the day was the service. Katie & James stood on the terrace in front of the large crack of Blencowe Hall. This crack is damaged to which the restorers decided to leave in to give the place more character. So as Katie and James said their vows I had the option of shooting from a multitude of different angles. One of my favourites was across the dining room table in the room which opened up on to the service.

After the service it was all go with photographs, speeches outside, all the free alcohol you could ever want, wood fired pizzas for every guest, enough cake to send you into a food coma, smoke bombs and a raving dance floor to end the night.

Blencowe Hall Wedding Photographer

With just 50 guests invited to the day it truly was a very close knit wedding. Blencowe Hall is an unconventional wedding venue which is part of the Rowley Estate. It’s not really how you’d imagine a normal wedding venue. It has a dining room but nothing big enough for a huge guest list. There is no bar, no reception and no dance floor! It’s up to you to turn this DIY wedding venue in the Lake District into just what you want it for. 

A grade 1 listed restored castle come manor house set in the always atmospheric Lake District. Blencowe Hall sure has enough character to host any intimate wedding. With over half of the 50 guests staying on site it made it a hive of activity all day long. Whilst I was there in the day I could enter any of the number of rooms to see a different array of goings on.

With this venue it really is all about the guests. It requires their imagination and their outgoing party personalities to transfer a normal hall way into a raving dance floor. I have to admit when Katie and James showed me the floor plan I was a little skeptical of the space but if anything it meant the dance floor was always booming as it only needed half a dozen people to fill it.

Planning a Blencowe Hall wedding?

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