An Engagement Shoot at Lawrencefield, Hope Valley | Thais & Andy

Mill Wheels & Cliffs at a Lawrencefield Engagement Shoot

Letting people down is not what I’m into. So when Thais and Andy contacted me to see if I was available for their wedding at Rookery Hall next year it was super hard to send the “sorry I’m booked” email. The emails and contact didn’t end there though as I then went on to eventually photograph an engagement shoot for them at Lawrencefield in the Peak District.

Before we get to Lawrencefield though let’s just reverse back a little. After the “booked” email went out and I recommended some friends I didn’t hear much else from Thais and Andy. Through a chance meeting at a wedding fayre it was clear the three of us really got on and we’d have a great time. I stated the fact of although I couldn’t do the wedding we could do an engagement shoot. So we headed out on a cloudy Sunday in April to capture their engagement shoot at Lawrencefield.

Meeting by chance at the wedding fayre had led to this shoot and if it wasn’t for another meeting by chance Thais & Andy wouldn’t be together. It was only whilst out and about in Europe the two met. With Thais having grown up in Brazil and Andy in the UK it really was an incredible incident to see them in the same place at the same time.

Wandering the open air up at Mother Cap and then heading in to the depths of Lawrencefield Quarry we chatted about all things and caught some photographs too. Thais and Andy’s are such a lovely couple and they made it super easy on this Lawrencefield Engagement Shoot.

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A Pre-Wedding Shoot at Lawrencefield

I found Lawrencefield for the engagement shoot just by chance. I often find locations just my scoring Google Maps. With the couple living in Greater Manchester I needed to find somewhere equal distance for us both. Searching passed I saw the point of interest and did a bit of research on the local area including Mother Cap, the Secret Garden and Owler Tor.

Lawrencefield is actually the name of the moor behind the old working area for the quarry and the now renowned climbing spot has since been named the same due to it’s proximity to the moor. The signs of Lawrencefield once being an old quarry are far gone now and the forest of silver birch shelter it from view.

The Lawrencefield Quarry is now also home to a grave yard of old stone mill wheels. Dumped from nearby cities way back when they have no been retaken by the elements with many of them forming the shape of the landscape and creating interesting focal points.

Peak District Engagement Shoots

As a child I never really explored the Peak District so I’ve found it surprising as to what beauty sits so close to my doorstep. Just an hour away you can seemingly stand at the edge of the world with breathtaking views. Reaching into 5 different counties it’s always a great place to meet couples coming from all over the North Midlands to work with me.

I’ve also photographed engagement shoots at Bamford EdgeLady Bower Reservoir and Curbar Edge nearby. The shoot locations are just never ending in this glorious area of natural beauty in the UK.