An Engagement Shoot at Thorpe Cloud | Eve & Mark

Moody Skies at a Thorpe Cloud Engagement Shoot

I met up with Eve and Mark recently just under a year before their wedding to capture their engagement shoot up at Thorpe Cloud in Dovedale. When Mark & Eve booked they mentioned they’d love to do a shoot and when we eventually went to plan Thorpe Cloud was picked as Mark wanted something up high in the clouds.

Having visited Dovedale many times over the years I thought this location would be great and we headed out on a quiet Saturday evening. With numerous unpredictable barriers (metaphorical and physical) in front of us we pushed through to get these great shots at the top of Thorpe Cloud. I definitely had that issue when you remember a certain hill as a lot smaller than it actually is. This didn’t stop us as we clambered up to the top. I guess the name, Thorpe Cloud, featuring the word cloud should have been a tell tale sign for us.

We started at the bottom of Thorpe Cloud on the ever popular Dovedale stepping stones. As I shot on the same level as the water to exclude the people wandering in the background.

Always wanting to try new things I took some different gear with me on this shoot. Making my bag even heavier on the ascent up to Thorpe Cloud. I setup artificial lighting for a number of shots to which you probably wouldn’t even notice. Just a subtle way of shooting against the pattern of the natural light or when there’s actually none or a very reduced amount of natural light at all.

Eve & Mark were such troopers on this shoot. They really showed great faith in my work and definitely rewarded with photographs at the top of the world for it.

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A Pre-Wedding Shoot at Thorpe Cloud

Doing an engagement shoot at Thorpe Cloud is not something too unfamiliar to me. Just a few months ago I was up at Ilam Park which is a short walk from here to shoot Amy & Gordon’s engagement shoot

Being such a popular place for walkers, Thorpe Cloud and Dovedale is definitely a beautiful place but sometimes over populated. By always choosing to shoot around 2 hours before sunset we cut out seeing as many people as usual making the shoot easier for my couple and also easier for me.

Peak District Engagement Shoots

As a child I never really explored the Peak District so I’ve found it surprising as to what beauty sits so close to my doorstep. Just an hour away you can seemingly stand at the edge of the world with breathtaking views. Reaching into 5 different counties it’s always a great place to meet couples coming from all over the North Midlands to work with me.

I’ve also photographed engagement shoots at Bamford EdgeLawrencefield and Curbar Edge nearby. The shoot locations are just never ending in this glorious area of natural beauty in the UK.