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A Wedding at the Lion Quays Waterside Resort | Georgina & Michael

Last Minute Lion Quays Wedding

With my target for next year already reached it sometimes means disappointing people who approach me nearer the time. I wish I could be in 20 places at once and always feel like I’m letting someone down when I send them the “sorry I’m already booked email”. When Georgina contacted me in May this year to enquire about me being her Lion Quays wedding photographer for a Saturday in September I thought for sure I’d be sending the above email again. Luckily I just randomly had a spare weekend free at the end of my busiest spell yet.

After video chatting with her and Michael I was really excited when they asked me to capture their Lion Quays wedding day for them. The euphoria of this moment never really runs dry and I was excited once again looking forward to their Lion Quays Resort wedding in Oswestry. Somewhere I’d actually not been to before.

I always find a couple are a great indication of their guests and this has never been more true than at Georgina and Michael’s Lion Quays wedding where all of their guests were just as awesome as themselves. I had so much fun just chatting with their friends and family all day and as per usual I caught some fantastic photographs as a result of having had these conversations.

After the wedding buffet, yeah that’s right buffet which was an awesome alternative to the more traditional 3 course set up, had finished a few guests went back to their rooms for 5. Georgina was in need of a cup of tea and a chill for 5 also but before this could happen I sold the idea of a few more photographs to her and Michael. With the sun at a captivating angle we were able to wander Lion Quays and capture some much more dramatic work which I love.

Lion Quays Wedding Day Slideshow

Traveling to an Oswestry Wedding

Travelling around is a fantastic part about this job which I’ve mentioned many a time before. I don’t charge for travel either as I don’t want to detract myself from the chance to get to photograph awesome couples who’re a little further a field than normal. With Georgina and Michael at their Lion Quays wedding it was only just down the road really in comparison to being in Bournemouth last week.

Wherever the opportunity I’ll be happy to explore. Usually on a day like this I’ll also arrive a little earlier and get a lay of the land first as it will all be fresh to me. This enables me later to know the general where about of everything at Lion Quays in this instance.

Being a Lion Quays Wedding Photographer

When Georgina and Michael got in touch their original plan was to get married in the same church as where they had their daughter baptised. I explained how this would be lovely as they’d have two contrasting parts to the day, one being the photographs in and around the church and the other being the reception at Lion Quays Resort.

Through hurdles and barriers they had to navigate at the church they decided it would just be easier to have the service at Lion Quays. They then raised the question to me about did I have enough to photograph at Lion Quays now it would just be there. Following what I already said I could see their logic but it doesn’t quite work like this.

As a Lion Quays wedding photographer I’ll work with whatever I’m given on the day which is partly the reason I love doing it. It’s fast paced and there is really limited time to think so the pressure is always on! I don’t really have a preference over one or two venues on a day as I believe they both have a great opportunity to shine.

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