Two Thousand & Nineteen

Be Positive Folks

As the year draws to a close and we start a fresh I, like everyone else love to take time to reflect about how great the past year has been. Yes we may have had a bit of a mud fight of an election which got us all a little down no matter what side of the slinging you were on but I’m here to say F (forget) it. We’ve all got positives to look back on for sure. I for one have got so many positives to look back on and I wanted to share my wedding photography highlights along with a few highlights from my own journey this year.

So let’s begin!

My season started really late this year in April and has gone all the way until the 30th of December just days ago. Much more condensed than last year with less months and more weddings but every wedding was still delivered within the expectation I sent.

Following multiple workshops and personal choices my photographs have moved even more towards being a true reflection of my couples personalities this year. Loads more emotion through tears, smiles, laughter and action.

But don’t take my word for it, see for yourself.

My 2019 Showreel

If you only look at one thing on this page then make it this. Turn your volume up and watch it in HD for the best experience.

2019 | The Year Dogs Were Still Awesome

2019 | The Year I Made A Lot Of Parents Cry

2019 | The Year I Shot My First Smoke Bomb Photographs

2019 | The Year My Silhouettes Reached New Heights

2019 | The Year I Loved Mirrors

The Wedding Photography Statistics Are In

I absolutely love statistics and love to look back on those big milestones of the year.

I shot a total of 42 weddings this year which included 38 full days and 4 half or short days. This year I delivered over 30,000 photographs available for free download from my online galleries. Over 1,000 people accessed my galleries this year. As per usual my couples pay me to attend the day and to have all the guests enjoy the photographs for no extra charge is a huge part of my ethos.

The furthest I travelled this year was 225 miles all the way down to Bideford in Devon for the wedding of Jadie and Dean at Beaconside House. Followed closely by Allie & Dom’s wedding at The Kings Arms Hotel in Christchurch at 207 miles. As per usual I don’t charge extra for my travel as I love my portfolio to reflect all this great country has to offer. Plus the coupleslove live all over the UK so it would be silly to put them off with a hefty travel bill. I travelled over 4,000 miles up and down this beautiful country to all my weddings in 2019.

And finally 1 person said yes when I asked them to marry me this year.

Getting married in 2020, 2021 or beyond?

I photograph weddings all over the UK. So wherever you are, give me a shout. I’d love to hear about your plans.


My Personal 2019 Journey

When I wasn’t doing this gig full time I’d look back at the year gone by and be able to pick out moments I’d experienced which had brought joy to my life. Now I look back and don’t see a few poignant moments, I see a sea of amazing moments and to be honest struggle to isolate any few things in my mind.

This life allows me freedom which is my most treasured feature by far. The ability to make all decisions for which way and when I’ll steer this ship is liberating.

Notably the year started on a high with my brother getting engaged whilst we were away at my sisters for New Years. For this reason I chose to lead this blog with the photograph of him and his fiancée a top of the world at Mwnt in February as it was the first defining moment of the year along with the shoot for their engagement being one of my first of the year also. You can follow up on last Christmas and New Year HERE.

Well, following on from my brother my pre laid plans of asking for Cera’s hand in February came into action when we were away again with our families in Cardigan. We now do the deed with a huge party next July surrounded by all our family and friends. We’re super excited for this and you can read a little more about our time away HERE.

Along with engagements we also had other time away, attended loads of gigs and just spent loads of time together and with friends and family.

My life is not a confusing fast paced rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle but a slow paced live everyday like you mean it kind of saga.

Thank you so much for supporting my 2019

See you in February when we go again.