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­An Engagement Shoot at The Cloud | James & Katie

Katie & James’ Cloud engagement shoot is up on the blog today. Like others Katie & James have had to reschedule with me already due to bad weather. When it came to Sunday just gone we were all keen to not be defeated again. A yellow wind warning was in place so we thought let’s head up to the top of the world and try and not freeze whilst taking some kickass photographs. As you’ll probably come to see Katie & James were super keen to bring the laughs and the fun to their engagement shoot in their own unique way. I’m always keen to capture people as they appear more than their camera facade they put up. Often though this can be quite difficult due to the pure awkwardness of 2 hours in front of a camera. I’ll do my best to calm even the most nervous or awkward people down and hopefully we’ll capture some kick ass photographs.

When I heard about how Katie & James got engaged a top of National Trust’s The Cloud in Congleton I was keen to return to the scene of the deed and mark it within history for them to cherish forever. Heading up for my usual 2 hour before sunset slot we had the most peculiar light as the clouds swept across in all different ways causing the diffusing of loads of different colours to flood my photographs with each of their own unique look. Take a look at how the temperature of each photographs changes from just the colour of their skin. I’m always keen to present my photographs in the most natural way so in theory they move towards becoming timeless pieces of work.

Quite often when I say my couples bring their own quirks to the photographs it’s not something they are aware of at all. Often I’ll notice little traits in the way you walk, stand, laugh, talk or even jump off of rocks like a big kid. The later was the inspiration for the jumping photograph as James clambered around the Cloud rocks like a joyous child at a huge adventure playground. It’s quirks like these which make Katie & James’ Cloud engagement shoot unique in a way which is directly relatable to them. A characteristic I try and emulate as best I can within all of my work.

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