How Caple Court Wedding Photography | Cat & Ash

An Emotional Wedding Day

I traveled a little further south than usual to photograph the wonderful How Caple Court wedding of Cat & Ash. They contacted me towards the end of 2019 searching for a photographer for their big day. Straight from the off we got on like a house on fire and I was so excited to photograph their wedding when they asked.

Cat & Ash described their wedding day at How Caple Court as chilled and fun with just a relaxed vibe throughout. What they didn’t tell me is how much emotion there would be. They may not have known it beforehand but this sure was a wedding full of emotional moments.

I loved the morning with Cat and her bridesmaids as she had her talented friend Imogen Fox did her makeup. A strong highlight for me was the super passionate speeches in the Marquee. A lot of people overlook this part of the day and it definitely shouldn’t be. It’s not often you can address so many of your friends and family at once and tell them how much they mean to you. Another highlight was the first dance in the Concept Barn. Ash’s brother Dan played Shut Up and Dance on acoustic and the whole room was deadly silent as Cat & Ash busted their moves. Oh and let’s not forget the food. Cat & Ash made the best decision ever and had burgers and chips for their wedding breakfast. Oh my… they were incredible and the people over at Beefy Boys deserve a massive shout out as they really care and deliver such fresh and incredible food.


My First Wedding at How Caple Court

Living a good hour to 2 away from How Caple in Hereford meant this was my first time at this beautiful wedding venue. I love outdoor services beneath the open air and just couldn’t wait to shoot Cat & Ash’s day. I often venture further afield to photograph weddings and I don’t charge for the pleasure. I find it incredibly exciting actually and really relish the opportunity to shoot within a new space and a new wedding adventure.

My style of wedding photography is built on a great relationship with my couples. All of my weddings are different and unique; even if I was to shoot again at the same venue like How Caple Court. The time on your wedding day is really important to me as I’m sure it is for you too. So if I can help it I don’t really want you to miss a thing and would love you to remember as much as possible. This caring and relaxed approach to my wedding photography is the reason why so many couples recommend me. They always say it feels like a friend is taking their photographs and not a photographer.

Planning your special day at How Caple Court in Hereford?

I loved being a photographer at this How Caple Court Wedding and would love to return. Why not give me a shout?


Norman History in Herefordshire

Whilst wandering through the country lanes which seem aplenty in Herefordshire; you may stumble through the small village of How Caple and thus discover the magnificently magical How Caple Court.  A country Manor House which used to house Knights but now hosts weddings amongst its grandeur.

Standing proud upon a small bluff above the River Wye, How Caple has expansive views across the rolling Herefordshire countryside. Original ancestors settled upon this area of the Wye Valley way back when because of these incredibly satisfying views across the Forest of Dean and Welsh mountains.

With Doomsday records dating back to 1089 and historical research suggesting it was around during the Normans this bit of magical Herefordshire history sure has a story to tell.

The onsite Parish church of St. Andrew and St. Mary is listed as being a part of the old Hundred House of Greytree. This medieval church dates back to the 13th century but has Norman foundations beneath it which suggest an earlier building came before it. Whilst still hosting Sunday service they also boast beautiful stained glass which lets the beautiful Herefordshire sunlight in. A traditional Norman font stands proud within the church whilst a fully restored 16th-century diptych from Germany also features to give you all the history.

Its most notable resident was William de Capel who held the Knight’s Fee from the Hereford Bishop. His family retained the manor until 1672. Later on, at the turn of the 20th century the current owners great grandfather, Lennox Bertram Lee acquired the property and it has been amongst the family ever since. Now owned by Roger and Vanessa Lee who also reside at How Caple Court.

The 11-acre traditional garden is by far my most loved feature of How Caple Court. It’s got a very heavy Secret Garden vibe where you just feel like leaving the rest of the wedding to wander and explore it in its entirety. Dating right back to the Edwardian days it sits super high above the River Wye giving a great excuse to build the entire thing over multiple levels. The formal terrace which sits directly against the main house has statues, yew hedges, pools and a rose garden. Moving further into the garden you’ll find more mature trees and shrubs along with an Italianate water garden which if you’re not careful you might miss.

A Wedding at How Caple Court

With its 11 acres of garden, medieval converted barn, a church right on site and the possibility to marry outdoors overlooking the beautiful Herefordshire Countryside you just can’t beat a wedding day at How Caple Court.

You can choose to get ready on-site at How Caple Court on your wedding day in one of the long expansive barns which you first meet on your arrival. These rustic features connect to the Oak Panelled Concept Barn so if you need to have a quick peek at your wedding decorations or wedding cake mid makeup then you can do but be careful of seeing your significant other.

When it comes to your service, How Caple Court really shines. It has 3 options for you. Yes! Three options on where to say your “I do’s” and exchange your vows. Most venues only have one single licensed area so it’s a real bonus to choosing to marry at How Caple. Your first choice is to take the traditional route and marry in St Andrews & St Mary’s Church which sits within the How Caple Court estate. Not many venues can boast their own church now, can they?

Your second option for your wedding service is to have a civil ceremony in the Oak Panelled Concept Barn Which is licensed for wedding ceremonies. Your final option is to marry within the splendid lush 11-acre traditional garden. Getting married amongst the open air whilst looking over the Herefordshire Countryside is possibly one of the most beautiful ways to do it in England. When it comes to your legal bits you can escape to the lower garden to say these and sign your register in the stone pagoda.

The Oak Panelled Concept Barn is where you will spend the most amount of time on your wedding day. Lovingly converted to be the most perfect space for any wedding it boasts Slate floors throughout with beautiful Oak framing all around you whilst being lit by chandeliers hanging from its historic beams.

Adjoining the Oak Barn is a permanent marquee space which is romantically decorated to be the perfect blank canvas for a drinks reception or a wedding breakfast. With Ivory Liners throughout and chandeliers throughout it is perfect in the Summer when you extend your party on to the terrace overlooking the courtyard.

When it comes to your wedding breakfast the How Caple Court teamwork with Greenman Catering to deliver anything which their couples desire. A traditional 3-course wedding breakfast is the go-to whilst alternative couples may look to explore the BBQ or informal buffet option to create a different wedding atmosphere. If you’d like, How Caple Court is willing to work with your own caterers for a fee of £300. When it comes to your drinks reception the onsite bar team can serve you a wide variety of options to make your day even more special.

The Oak Panelled Concept Barn and adjoining Marquee can host 120 people seated for a wedding service and wedding breakfast whilst ramping it up to 200 for an atmosphere filled wedding reception.

Although How Caple Court offers no onsite accommodation it is conveniently located to have a few nearby self-catering cottages within the village or a large Premier Inn at Ross on Wye.

Photographing a Big Day at How Caple

I loved photographing at How Caple Court. There’s something a little magical about it as you tread in the footsteps of so much history in such a beautiful part of the world in Wye Valley. All of this history and magic only add to the portraits I capture on your wedding day. They add interest and a unique backdrop to any setting.

With the morning barns having a limited light source through a collective few windows down the side of the building you really do need to get creative with the sparse lighting here. To contrast it the Marquee is full of light which gives me the ability to create some lovely layered photographs of your wedding moments. The light interest through the ivory liners only to be diffused and cast a lovely soft light on your face.

The Oak Panelled Concept Barn is also equally interesting to photograph in the evenings with its chandeliers and fairy lights giving great backdrop interest within the frame as I capture slow shutter dance floor action shots.

My most favourite place to take photographs is amongst all of the beautiful foliage within the garden. Whether it’s the greener than green ivory which climbs the historic stone building walls, the beautifully maintained traditional garden or the more mature garden. The colours and the light which comes through in my photographs make attending a wedding at How Caple Court one of my favourite places in Hereford.

How Caple Court Wedding Photographer