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A How Caple Court Wedding | Cat & Ash

An Emotional Day at How Caple Court

I travelled a little further south this week to photograph the wonderful How Caple Court wedding of Cat & Ash. Based in the heart of Herefordshire, How Caple Court sits in acres of space high above the river Wye.

Cat & Ash contacted me towards the end of 2019 searching for a photographer for their How Caple Court wedding. Once we’d thrown a few emails back and forth we decided to video chat. Straight from the off we got on super well and I was so excited to photograph their wedding when they asked me. Although a nice 15 minute drive home is nice I do also love travelling a bit further to capture such a different kind of venue. How Caple Court with all it’s different looks and angles is definitely a venue worth traveling for. I didn’t charge Cat & Ash travel or accommodation for getting to How Caple Court in Hereford. I don’t actually charge travel and accommodation to any of my couples now. It was a decision I made to remove the barrier in place of you recommending me to any friend or family member. So contact me yourself or go out and spread the word, there’s not many places I won’t take my tall self.

Cat & Ash described their day as chilled and fun with just a relaxed vibe throughout. What they didn’t tell me is how much emotion there would be, they may not have known it in the planning stages but this sure was a wedding full of emotional moments.

How the Day Unfolded

When I arrived at How Caple Court I was gathering myself when Ash pulled up next to me. That’s an easy way to find the groom! After a quick tour and a wander to scope the area out I met up with Cat and the bridesmaids who were full of wedding giggles. With us all being in the same place we were able to grab a little bit of all the action of the day. At points I was with Cat as she had her talented friend Imogen Fox doing her make up. Then at other times I was with Ash, Dan his best-man and his dad as they worked out how to construct a humble wedding tie.

Once we were all ready we were threatened with rain but the show must go on! So I put me big coat on and we stood beneath the angriest clouds you’ve seen hoping they wouldn’t soak us. I love an outside service and to be honest a lot of my couples this year have planned for them. So far two of them haven’t worked out and this was my first to go ahead.

Much to similiar as the weather as of late it carried on, on and off throughout the day. We took our time when it was light and grabbed some quick photographs outside.

A strong highlight for me was the super passionate speeches. A lot of people overlook this part of the day and it definitely shouldn’t be. It’s not often you can address so many of your friends and family at once and tell them how much they mean to you. Another highlight was the first dance. Ash’s brother Dan played Shut Up and Dance on acoustic and the whole room was deadly silent.

A How Caple Court Wedding Day Slideshow

Being a How Caple Court Wedding Photographer

How Capel Court goes right back in the history books and you can really tell this from the architecture around you on this stunning estate. Consisting of god knows how many different buildings all constructed at what appears to be different times it has a suitable backdrop for any style of wedding photograph you may like. The gardens and inside space combined make How Capel Court a perfect wedding venue which I was super excited to photograph.

How Caple Court is one of these great venues where you just book the whole place then do whatever you like with it. This means you can add your spice to the day with everything and are left somewhat to your own devices.

Cat & Ash made the best decision ever and had burgers and chips for their wedding breakfast. Oh my… they were incredible and the people over at Beefy Boys deserve a massive shout out as they really care and deliver such fresh and incredible food. I’m not going to lie I snuck a fajita for the ride home too. Please don’t judge me.

Planning a How Caple Court wedding?

I photograph weddings all over the UK. So wherever you are, give me a shout.