Stirk House Wedding Photography | Jessica & Liam

An Old Friends Wedding in Clitheroe

Well, well, well, where do I start with this Stirk House wedding? I met Jessica many years ago when I used to do this photography thing on the side. She actually used to be my boss and a damn good one she was. I have so many fond memories of my time working for her and I grew so much as a person whilst under her leadership. You could possibly say I’d be missing some parts of my business mindset had I not encountered Jessica and her non-traditional leadership ways.

After leaving I continued to keep in touch often still meeting up even with the 100-mile round trip she or I had to take. Upon finding out she was engaged to be married I knew it was going to be an incredible day. No stone would be left unturned and she would listen to everyone to pull in ideas from every corner and make this the most inclusive wedding there was. Luckily enough I was chosen to photograph this special day. I did also have an invite but as a wedding photographer, you rarely find yourself on the other side of the lens as your friends are usually your number one fans. Saying they’ll only book you and no one else so what’s a guy to do?

What a beautiful venue we were hosted by. A Stirk House wedding is super organised, super slick and super awesome to shoot at. The whole day was hosted here which was fantastic as we didn’t have to go anywhere else as the venue had it all covered. We started in the Bridal suite with the prep for the day before having the arrival of the groomsmen with the rest of the guests. The main attraction was most definitely Dave the Toastmaster. A well-organised Toastmaster can make all the difference. From the start of the day to the end he only aided my photographs mostly by revving the guests up. Check out the photograph of him standing behind Jessica and Liam after their entry to the wedding breakfast.

This wedding meant so much to me and I’m super pleased with the photographs. As Jessica put it herself “having you hear has enabled me to just be myself”, couldn’t of said it better myself.


My First Wedding at Stirk House

Living over an hour away from Stirk House in Clitheroe means this was my first time photographing at this beautiful Clitheroe wedding venue. I love country house wedding venues with a rustic edge as they’re all incredible to be a part of and the team at Stirk House made me feel right a home. I often venture further afield to photograph weddings and I don’t charge for the pleasure. I find it incredibly exciting actually and really relish the opportunity to shoot within a new space and a new wedding adventure.

My style of wedding photography is built on a great relationship with my couples. All of my weddings are different and unique; even if I was to shoot again at the same venue as Stirk House. Time on your wedding day is really important to me as I’m sure it is to you too. So if I can help it I don’t really want you to miss a thing and would love you to remember as much as possible. This caring and relaxed approach to my wedding photography is the reason why so many couples recommend me. They always say it feels like a friend is taking their photographs and not a photographer.

This Stirk House Couple’s Kind Words

“He was laughing & joking with our wedding party helping to keep everyone relaxed. We had so many compliments about Adam. A hero to our guest & us!”

Planning your special day at Stirk House, Clitheroe?

I love being a photographer at Stirk House weddings and would love to return. Why not give me a shout?