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A Staffordshire Wedding

Eve & Mark were unfortunate enough to get wrapped up in all of that Covid postponing and they were so keen to get married that they only postponed their Alrewas Hayes wedding day shortly every time in the hope they could do it and there were so many times where they almost did but then restrictions came in. So you could say they really deserved their big day at Alrewas Hayes and I’d have to agree with you.

We had such an incredible time celebrating their wedding day amongst this gorgeous country walled garden and with it being my first time at Alrewas I was keen to push my work to create the most incredible photography.

I also shot an engagement shoot for Eve and Mark at Thorpe Cloud so make sure you check that out also.

A Summer Wedding at Alrewas Hayes

I loved being a part of Eve & Mark’s wedding day at Alrewas Hayes and would relish the chance to do it again.

My style of wedding photography is strongly built on my incredible extraverted personality and using this to build an incredible relationship with every single one of my couples. All of my couples are different and unique so in turn, so are their weddings and the photographs always lean on their personalities to make them completely different. This is even the case if I was to shoot again at Alrewas Hayes again. For me and my couples time is everything on their wedding day, you want to spend it with your friends and family and not on a massive photoshoot in a field. So if I can help it I don’t really want you to miss a thing and would love you to remember as much as possible. This caring and relaxed approach to my wedding photography is the reason why so many couples recommend me. They always say it feels like a friend is taking their photographs and not a photographer.

Planning your special day at Alrewas Hayes?

Alrewas Hayes is such a beautiful place which I loved photographing. I would love to return so why not give me a shout if you’re planning your own Alrewas Hayes wedding?


A Little History From This Staffordshire Venue

This Grade II listed residence of former Queen Ann has quite the history to it. Alrewas Hayes’ 100-acre estate actually dates back to 1066 as an entry appears in the Doomsday Book as an extensive piece of Staffordshire woodland. At the heart of the rolling estate is the Manor House which has been the home passed down through history and the crown piece of the estate which exudes that lovely rural country house feel whilst also being stepped in grandeur from it’s past.

Now owned by Toby Williams who is the fifth generation of his family to live within the estate. He’s joined by his wife Bonnie and their son Theodore along with their pet Labradors, Bridget Jones & Hula Groove. The family history which still exists with them owning and living within Alrewas Hayes really makes it that much extra special when it comes to a personal touch for your wedding day.

An Alrewas Hayes Wedding Day

With a home built for entertaining and a family so enthusiastic about hosting lavish events you know your wedding day is in safe hands at Alrewas Hayes.

Because of the exclusivity and the vastness of the Alrewas Hayes estate you can have anywhere from just you to 650 guests for your wedding day. That’s more guests than most Staffordshire wedding venues which I know of.

When it comes to tying the knot at Alrewas Hayes then they have a number of options for you. You can have Staffordshire Registrars run a small ceremony within the family home in either the Lobby or the naturally lit Orangery. Or alternatively, if you have a rather big guest list then you can use the purpose-built Great Barn. Alrewas does also boast a beautiful outdoor courtyard space where you can have a blessing performed before escaping into one of the licensed spaces to make the deed official.

When it comes to the wedding breakfast the team at Alrewas Hayes believe every element should be handcrafted to align with your big day. No stone goes unturned to make this moment a truly magical one that you’ll remember forever. Using seasonal produce the expert team of chefs at Alrewas handcraft menus are made to emphasise the taste within every dish. The same goes for their drink selection which is handcrafted which is designed to bring you the best spirits, ales, beers and fine wines all served from the Williams Bar.

Because of the size of the Alrewas Estate the space available is unbelievable. The home offers several areas which you’re welcome to use for intimate ceremonies and wedding breakfasts. Whereas the Great Barn is where they house their biggest events and the space on offer is unbelievable. This is all joined by the peaceful courtyard where most guests enjoy their wedding drinks reception.

As if Alrewas didn’t already have enough lavish features to separate it from the rest of it’s Staffordshire wedding venue competition it also has 11 bedrooms onsite contained within the Main Family Home, the Lodge and the Coach House. Each of these bedrooms has it’s own design to really tell a different story and make your stay at Alrewas Hayes one in a million.

The day after your wedding you’re invited to enjoy a lavish breakfast in the Garden Room to refuel up and start your married life in the most perfect of settings.

Photographing During The Summer

I adored being an Alrewas Hayes wedding photographer. With the vastness of the estate including endless opportunities for how one can lay their wedding out, I can see myself returning to this gorgeous country estate time after time and finding it incredibly easy to capture a day in a whole new light.

When it comes to photographing a venue as gorgeous as this it really isn’t that hard. The subtle decoration which already sits within the venue before you add your theme is enough to back the most wonderful of wedding portraits. Where they have pushed their decoration only adds to the charm of the experience, for example, the huge mural within Williams Bar just gives a great but subtle backdrop to your drinks receptions. I really can’t wait to return to Alrewas Hayes again.

Alrewas Hayes Wedding Photography