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A Crewe Wedding at Hunters Lodge | Laura & Elliott

A Wedding in Crewe with an Old Friend

I met up with Laura & Elliott last year to talk about their Crewe wedding plans. They met whilst working at an agricultural college in Cheshire. After a proposal involving a back garden family music festival known as Lodgefest they started to search Crewe wedding venues for a suitable place to have their day. When we met they were super keen to just have a day full love friends, family, laughter and fun. My relaxed and super social vibe was something which obviously tied in really well with their wedding day ideas.

I have to admit though this Crewe wedding wasn’t the first time I’d met Elliott nor was it the first time in front of my lens. Living only minutes apart from birth to our formative years it was probably faith we’d end up friends at some point. We went to the same Infants and Primary school but it wasn’t until we went to different high schools that we actually begun to hang out in our spare time. Many hours spent skateboarding, playing video games and watching no end of Friday the 13th sequels much to my phobia of horror films. Skateboarding was the real purpose we stayed friends so long though. In my teens I put together numerous amateur (not sure it was even this good) skateboard videos with friends.

Just as a defining life moment had brought us together it also saw us lose touch as we both went our separate ways at the end of our teens. Despite this we’d always kept in touch and when Elliott had sorted his wedding venue in Crewe it was time to call on an old friend for the photographs. This time though instead of photographing Elliott jumping off some huge stair set I would actually be photographing him saying “I do” to Laura.

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Finding a Crewe Wedding Photographer

At the final meeting Laura came with a list of photographs she wanted me to capture as her Crewe wedding photographer. Without me even knowing she had the list we talked through the whole day and I without knowingly ticked off every single one of the photographs and a few more. The only photograph I hadn’t planned was the obvious eating of creme eggs by the bride and bridesmaids in the morning. It’s definitely probably the first and last time I’ll be asked to take this photograph at a Crewe wedding or even any others further a field.

With scorching temperatures and sun burn imminent it was a joy to be the photographer at this lovely Crewe wedding venue. Taking full advantage of the outside of the hotel we wandered the grounds taking photographs until we came up against a locked gate to a field. With long grass and blue skies on the horizon I was super keen to get into the field but there was no way in other than to jump a fence. I was happy to leave it until Laura said this kind of crazy idea was exactly the reason she chose me to be her Crewe wedding photographer.

Once we got into the field I can’t remember if Elliott offered to carry Laura but all of a sudden we were heading deeper into the field. We managed to capture some different wedding portraits of the couple contrasted against the flat blue skies and the scorching sun.

As the end of the night drew to a close for me there was still one more photograph to capture. I do love a sparkler photograph and as we got around 80-100 slightly alcohol fuelled guests outside

Whether it’s eating creme eggs, jumping off picnic tables with kids, scaling fences or playing with sparklers I’m up for any crazy ideas on your wedding day at Hunters Lodge in Crewe or anywhere else.

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